Eli James

By Eli James Mar 18, 2013

Eli James is Emily’s long lost foster brother. When they were children, Eli was Emily’s protector, but he wasn't able to do anything to save her when she set fire to her second foster home. She was institutionalized with Eli left wondering what happened to his childhood friend. After he grew up, Eli tried to track Amanda (Emily) down. All he found was a stripper using that identity (Amanda) and a bunch of dead ends. He was stuck until…

Season Two: Eli was contacted by Charlotte when she was looking for any living family member of Amanda’s. It was sad that Amanda’s funeral was going to be so small and she wanted to give anyone that want to, an opportunity to pay their last respects to her half sister. Eli came and instantly knew (by the tattoo on Emily’s wrist) that the person in the grave wasn’t his foster sister. Later, Eli dropped the bomb that he knew Emily was really Amanda Clarke. Emily explained that she was tired of the baggage her old name came with so she paid to switch identities with her old pal from juvie. Eli was sticking around a little too long and presented a problem, he could unravel all of her plans because of the information he had. Emily offered to pay him off and had Nolan wipe his police record in exchange for him to leave the Hamptons. He agreed, but didn’t live up to his part of the bargain. Eli has done something no one should ever do…get on Emily’s bad side.

Actor Bio: Collins Pennie is one of the newest members of the Revenge cast. You might recognize him from his other roles on Hawthorne, CSI: Miami, or Prom Night.