Fa1c0n, a.k.a. Edith Long

By Aaron Welsh Apr 29, 2013

Background: Before the downing of flight 197, Fa1c0n a.k.a. Edith Long, was a young computer prodigy brought into Grayson Global as a consultant to design the company’s internal network. After the plane crash, the Conrad and Victoria used this in-house expert to electronically fake evidence against David Clarke; sealing the fate of this innocent man.

Season 2: Emily and Nolan first became aware of the Fa1c0n’s existence when Nolan was hacking the Grayson’s bank account. It normally would’ve been a breeze, but Nolan discovered it was protected by some code written by this legendary (and elusive) hacker. Emily knew Victoria was just the person to get Fa1c0n to come out of hiding, but the queen the right motivation. Nolan sent Victoria an email showing a copy of the forged medical documents about her firstborn son. As expected, Victoria contacts the Falc0n orders her to find the source of the leak ASAP. Finding the source wasn’t that difficult; Nolan identified himself right away so he could setup a face-to-face meeting.

At the meeting, Nolan asked the Fa1c0n (now revealed to be a woman), to scrub some information contained on a flash drive from the internet. He’d do it himself, but the feds were watching his every keystroke. She refused until Nolan challenged her to a game of Street Fighter. If Nolan wins, she’ll scrub the data, if she wins, well…she won’t. It was quite the match, Nolan went down early, but came back strong for the win. Fa1c0n was honor bound to do the job, but what she didn’t know was that Nolan had put a little surprise on the flash drive.

When she accessed the information, it automatically activated a program that gave Nolan access to all of her personal information. Nolan gave the FBI this wanted hacker’s real name (Edith Long), location, and the picture Emily took of her at Teddy’s arcade. After the arrest, Emily let Nolan cross her off the list of targets.

Actor Bio: Revenge is not the first show for Susan Park. Revenge fans may recognize her from her other roles on 1600 Penn, The Bold and the Beautiful, or The Unusuals