Frank Stevens

By Aaron Welsh Sep 11, 2012
Frank Stevens was the Graysons former henchman and bodyguard. Frank was killed by Amanda Clarke after his investigation into Emily Thorne led him to her. The people that we know Frank has killed or has tried to kill are Lydia Davis and Roger Halsted.


• First appearance: Episode 102 “Trust”
• Frank was head of Conrad’s security and Victoria’s investigator into Emily Thorne
• Loyal the Graysons for years, he was part of the conspiracy to take down David Clarke
• Frank was the one who took care of the mess when Daniel was involved in a drunk driving accident and injured a cocktail waitress in 2010
• Frank threw Lydia off a balcony
• Began working for the Graysons in 1981
• Before his firing, Frank was the Graysons longest standing employee.
• Frank was murdered by Amanda Clarke after he learned the truth about Emily and Amanda.