Kara Wallace

By Aaron Welsh Oct 15, 2012

Kara Wallace was married to David Clarke and together they had their daughter Amanda. Much is still unknown about Kara, only that she was in a mental institution when Amanda was still a child. Victoria had the White-Haired Man mysteriously take Kara someplace shortly before David Clarke was arrested for blowing up Flight 197. David had told Amanda that her mother had died in 1989, when Amanda was just five years old. Emily Thorne is doing everything she can to figure out why exactly her father lied to her about Kara. The White-Haired Man once told Emily that she fights like her mother, and Emily also found a pocket watch on the White-Haired Man's body, with a photo of Kara in it, as well as a voice message left on his phone from her, telling the White-Haired Man that she loves him. Emily struggles remembering her mother, Kara, but is determined to find her and understand what happened to her.  

• First Appearance: 201 "Destiny"
• Previously institutionalized at Angel of Mercy Hospital
• Freed by Victoria and the White-Haired man
• Found by Aiden in episode 203 "Confidence"
• Reasons she hasn’t contacted Emily all these years are still unknown
• Married to David Clarke before being institutionalized.  
• Married Gordon Murphy, a.k.a. the white-haired man, after going into hiding.