Lee Moran

By Aaron Welsh Sep 11, 2012
Lee Moran was one of Victoria’s goons whom she hired him to steal Mason Treadwell’s tapes from The Stowaway and beat Daniel up in prison. Emily frames Lee for Tyler’s murder by planting Jack’s stolen hoodie in his car. While in custody, Lee thought the Graysons are setting him up for Tyler’s murder. Later, he was found dead in his cell from an apparent suicide. 


• First appearance: Episode 113 “Commitment”
• Lee is one of Victoria’s hired goons.
• Lee beat up Jack after he interrupted him looking for Mason’s tapes.
• Victoria hired Lee to beat up Daniel in prison.
• Emily planted Jack’s bloody hoodie in Lee’s car and placed an anonymous call to the police. Subsequently, Lee was arrested for Tyler’s murder. While in custody, it appeared Lee Moran hung himself and confessed to killing Tyler in a suicide note.