Lydia Davis

  • By Aaron Welsh
Lydia David was David Clarke’s former secretary, Victoria’s former best friend, and Emily’s first target. For years Lydia was Victoria’s BFF, but their friendship abruptly ended after Victoria (with the help of Emily) discovered the affair between Lydia and Conrad. Later, is later thrown off the top of a building by Frank, Victoria’s henchman, after she threatened to expose the truth. She survived, but was later aboard the fateful flight that exploded shortly after takeoff at the end of season one.


• Lydia is David Clarke’s former secretary, Victoria’s former best friend, and isConrad's mistress. 
• Her ex-husband, Michael, used photos of her having an affair with Conrad to trigger the fidelity clause in their pre-nup. This meant that Lydia got nothing in the divorce.
• Lydia was given a loft and $10,000,000 by Conrad.
• Lydia wanted her house back from Emily, but Emily refused to give it back.
• After speech where Lydia almost exposed the truth, Frank, Victoria’s thug, tried to kill her by throwing her off the balcony of her penthouse.
• Lydia agreed to marry Conrad.
• She aligned herself with Victoria for immunity when she learned Conrad was going down.
• Lydia died in a plane crash on her way to Washington to deliver evidence to the SEC

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