Mason Treadwell

By Aaron Welsh Jan 02, 2013

Background: Before his book about the downing of flight 197, Mason Treadwell was just a lowly journalist who inspired for more. He saw an opportunity to make all his dreams come true when David Clarke came into his life. The trial was not going well and he looked to Mason to tell his story, but David’s trust in Mason was a colossal mistake. Victoria bribed the impoverished writer to fabricate a story to implicate David rather than tell the truth. The book went on to become a sensation which cemented the negative public perception of David from that day on.

Season One: Mason reemerged in Emily’s life when he was slated to give a reading of his unpublished memoir at Grayson Manor. Victoria had a little chat with her former conspirator and tasked him to talk to Amanda Clarke and find out why she was back in town. Mason was more than happy to oblige; he was licking his chops at the thought of collecting information for a follow up book to his bestseller. During the talk, Emily was coaching Amanda what to say through an earpiece, Mason was given the chance to come clean about everything, but it didn’t happen. If Mason knew of the events to come, he might have rethought that decision.

Emily tasked Nolan with distracting Mason for a spell; she wanted time to go through his house undisturbed. Upon his return he found his cabin, beloved typewriter, and the lone copy of his memoir engulfed in flames.

Mason made a second appearance in the Hamptons during Daniel’s trial. Public opinion of Daniel was at an all-time low and the Graysons needed to turn it around fast. At Emily’s suggestion, Victoria hired the spin master to write an online blog entitled “The Treadwell Report” to convince people of Daniel’s innocence. Mason didn’t exactly do that. Instead he wrote about Charlotte’s pill popping ways and did nothing for Daniel’s image.

Season Two: Mason’s curiosity got the better of him after he learned that Kara Clarke was alive. The problem was Emily needed him out of the way. She decided the only way to get him off the trial would be to give him an even juicy lead to follow. Emily retrieved and defrosted the white-haired man’s body, implicated Conrad in his murder by planting a stolen cufflink, and then feed Mason a clue that would lead him to the body. You would have thought this would have thrown him off the case, but it didn’t work. His urge to follow the clues could not be stopped, especially after Victoria accidentally let it slip that Emily and Amanda served time in Allenwood together. Mason continued and became so close to the truth that that Amanda almost took care of him like she took care of Frank Stevens. Emily saved him and took a gamble. She revealed her true identity and made him an offer. She proposed that Mason take the fall for Gordon Murphy’s murder and go to prison. In exchange, she would confess to everything once this ordeal was over and give him enough material for another best seller. Mason accepted, giving Emily time to finish all of her plans.

Actor Bio: Roger Bart is no stranger to the small screen. You might recognize him from such shows as Desperate Housewives, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Grimm, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

• First appearance: Episode 112 “Infamy”
• Real name: Leo Treadwell
• He is author of “The Society Connection: David Clarke and the Flight 197 Tragedy”
• Mason claims to be “thick as thieves” with Victoria Grayson.
• As Mason became more famous, he began to dress wilder and less conservative.
• Mason’s cottage belonged to Ernest Hemingway, who also wrote “The Dangerous Summer” there.
• He only writes using a manual typewriter.
• Drink of choice: Gibson
• Returned to the Hamptons after Kara returned
• Discovered the planted body of Gordon Murphy with Conrad's cufflink.
• Begins to investigate Emily's connection to Amanda.