Dr. Michelle Banks

By Aaron Welsh Sep 03, 2012
Dr. Michelle Banks was the person responsible for institutionalizing Amanda Clarke as a child. She spent most of her sessions with the young girl trying to convince her that her father was a terrorist, but Amanda never believed her. Emily took Dr. Banks out by stealing secret tapes of therapy sessions from the Hamptons most powerful and making them available for all to see on the internet. The good doctor later went missing and was found locked in a storage unit registered to Grayson Global.


• First appearance: Episode 104 “Duplicity”
• She wrote “The Power of Recovery in Six Easy Steps” and a book on attachment parenting.
• Emily has been seeing her for a year before she took her down.
• Victoria is a patient of Dr. Banks.
• The doctor spent her therapy lessens with a young Amanda trying to convince her that David was a terrorist.
• Emily takes her down by exposing her therapy session recordings on the website Hamptonsexposed.com.
• Michelle was promised, by Victoria, a private practice in the Hamptons if she institutionalized young Amanda Clarke and kept her separated from her father.
• After the video, Dr. Banks goes missing. It is revealed that Emily locked her in a storage unit registered to Grayson Global.