Ryan Huntley

By Aaron Welsh Sep 03, 2012
Ryan Huntley was David Clarke’s defense attorney. Emily feels he betrayed her father because he chose not to move forward with her father’s appeal. She chose not to take him out and instead used him as a tool in her scheme. Mr. Huntley has always believed that David Clarke was an innocent man.


• First appearance: Episode 110 “Loyalty”
• Years ago, Victoria outbid him at an art auction.
• Originally Conrad wanted him to be his divorce attorney. Ryan turned him down and approached Victoria about being her divorce attorney.
• Ryan was Michael’s lawyer in his divorce against Lydia.
• After David’s trial, Ryan Huntley wrote a letter to his client telling him he would not be moving forward with the appeal of his treason conviction.
• During Victoria’s divorce, Ryan found a doctor willing to manufacture the documents necessary to prove Victoria had a miscarriage, making Conrad’s pre-nup null and void.
• Victoria fired Ryan Huntley as her divorce attorney.
• Ryan was working for Emily Thorne the entire time he was Victoria’s lawyer.
• He has always believed David Clarke was innocent.