Satoshi Takeda

By Aaron Welsh Sep 03, 2012
Satoshi Takeda is Emily's teacher in the art of Revenge and continues to be a tool at Emily's disposal in her pursuit of personal justice. At the request of Emily, Takeda was there to pose as a potential investor when Daniel and Tyler were competing for Grayson Global's next big score. Without Emily’s knowledge or permission, Takeda took it upon himself to try and finish her mission of revenge by killing Tyler and pinning it on Daniel.


• At a Grayson Global investment party. Daniel first introduced him to Emily as “the CEO of Japan’s largest renewable resources company.”
• Warden Stiles gave Emily Takeda’s number sometime after leaving Allenwood
• Takeda did not want to train Emily at first, because he knew her emotions destined her to fail.
• Takeda killed Tyler and framed Daniel for the murder
• Takeda was the person who picked Amanda up after the murder on the beach