Senator Tom Kingsly

By Aaron Welsh Sep 03, 2012
Senator Kinglsy was the federal prosecutor in the David Clarke case. Valuable evidence that would have proven David’s innocence was provided to him, but he chose to ignore it. Emily took down this man by threatening to expose an extramarital affair that resulted in a pregnant mistress.


• Former Federal Prosecutor
• The Senator’s assistant is a loyal man named Steve Gordon.
• Emily was a senior volunteer in Tom Kingsly’s first campaign.
• As a prosecutor, he spearheaded the David Clarke case; which he used as a springboard for his political career.
• Mr. Kingsly had an affair with a woman named Erin and got her pregnant. Going against his politics, he paid to have the baby taken care of.
• The Senator abruptly retires from politics after Emily arranged to have his mistresses, who was six months pregnant at the time, show up at a fundraiser.