Tyler Barrol

By Aaron Welsh Sep 03, 2012
Tyler Barrol was Daniel’s old college friend and a violence-prone psychopath. Shortly after coming to the Hamptons, Tyler is hired by Conrad. A contest is setup to see who could score the biggest investor, Tyler or Daniel. Tyler won because he prostituted himself out to Nolan, but was later firedafter Conrad he learned of this. Tyler was outraged and decided to drop in on Daniel’s birthday party and threaten everyone with a gun. He returned to the Hamptons shortly before the Emily and Daniel’s engagement party. During the party he confronted Daniel on the beach. He wanted to kill Daniel and frame Emily for the murder. It didn’t go exactly to plan. In the struggle, Tyler was shot once in the chest by Daniel. While Tyler was lying face down on the beach, Takeda knocked Daniel out and finished Tyler off by shooting him twice in the back.


• First appearance: Episode 103 “Betrayal”
• Daniel’s old roommate at Harvard.
• Made a pass at Daniel and was rejected.
• Takes the antipsychotic Clozapine.
• Attacked his doctor in San Francisco on May 22, 2011 and went missing.
• Tyler’s brother is named Dr. Alexander Barrol.
• Emily slips Frank’s wallet into Tyler’s jacket pocket, framing him for Frank’s murder.
• Murdered on the beach Labor Day weekend by Satoshi Takeda.

• Claims made by Tyler:
- Family has estates all over the map
- His parents own an island in the Berry Islands
- A couple years ago, his family lost everything. The Barrols went from the penthouse to the street overnight.
- Forced out of Harvard due to lack of money.