White-Haired Man, a.k.a. Gordon Murphy

By Aaron Welsh Dec 28, 2012
Background: The white-haired man’s real name was Gordon Murphy. He was the liaison between Americon Initiative and the Graysons before and after the downing of Flight 197. Shortly before David’s arrest, Gordon was tasked to kill Kara Clarke, David’s wife. Instead took her away from the hospital and later married her.

Season One: Gordon Murphy was introduced in episode 119. Emily learned that her father was not killed in a riot; rather the riot was staged so Gordon could murder him. Since then Gordon had been hiding and Emily needed to flush him out. She sent Conrad a “secret” video of her and Daniel to make him think that Gordon was sending him a message. Conrad took the bait and arranged the meeting. Unfortunately while on surveillance duty, Nolan got himself made. Gordon kidnapped him after he tried to pose as a cable repair man to plant cameras in his home. Gordon demanded that Emily turn herself over to him and return the evidence she was going to give to the SEC. Emily complied, but escaped while Gordon was pursuing the false lead about the evidence. Gordon returned to find Emily waiting for him and out for blood. In the ensuing fight, Emily emerged victorious but decided to honor her father’s memory by not killing the man.

Gordon was alive, but the Initiative still needed the evidence and Victoria to be dealt with. He posed as a member of the flight crew of the plane bound for Washington and planted an explosive. The explosion was SUPPOSED to take care of both of his problems: Victoria and the evidence.

Season Two: Season two begins with Gordon in hiding from the Initiative. He’s become a target because Victoria was supposed to die on the plane, but he chose to strike up a deal and spare her life. Since then Victoria had been in hiding and in constant contact with Gordon. The two of them were working out a deal for Victoria and Charlotte to disappear. What Gordon ended up getting was a classic Victoria double-cross. He came back one night to find Victoria beaten and handcuffed to a radiator with the police on the way. She was going to tell them he did this to her! He was on the run and had to find a way to exonerate himself. He remembered the camera Emily had planted in the cabin and knew there would be footage that showed Victoria was lying. He showed up at Emily’s house to take the video and decided to kill two birds with one stone. He lunged at Emily with a knife, but unfortunately for him, Aiden showed up and put a bullet in his back. R.I.P. Gordon Murphy.

• First appearance: Episode 119 "Absolution"
• Real Name: Gordon Murphy
• Killed my Aiden Mathis: Episode 202 "Resurrection" 
• Conrad had him kill Lee Moran in prison. 
• His meetings with Conrad are "always off the books" according to Aunt Carole. 
• Met with Conrad a year to the day before Flight 197 went down and again the morning David Clarke died. 
• The White-Haired Man has “employers” referred by him as "the initiative". 
• His house is filled with clocks. 
• The white-haired man’s employers planned for Conrad to take the fall for Flight 197, not David. 
• He was seen tampering with Victoria and Lydia’s plane shortly before takeoff.
• Married Kara Wallace after she went into hiding. 

Actor Bio: A veteran of the small screen, you might recognize James Morrison from television shows such as Private Practice, 24, or Hawthorne.