Jack and Declan Porter: Blue-Collar Chic

By Aaron Welsh Jul 31, 2012

We’ve seen the sophistication of Daniel’s wardrobe, but what about the other people of The Hamptons that aren’t sitting on a multimillion dollar pile of money? One can look good, even on a budget. Take a look at Jack and Declan’s attire and decide for yourself if they are the epitome of Montauk blue-collar chic!
Jack Porter

The older Porter son. Jack's a man that likes to be comfortable. That's why we see him wearing a lot of soft, comfortable fabrics: cotton, flannel, and canvas.  Just because he likes to be comfortable doesn't mean he doesn't know how to look good too.

Jack looks like he buys off the rack, but he makes sure his wardrobe fits properly. He’s not attending a grunge concert in 1994. His shirts are well fitted, looser where he needs movement and tighter to accentuate his form. Jack's not a man with a lot on money, but he knows what he likes and what makes him look good. 

Declan Porter

Unlike Jack, Declan is still trying to figure out who he still is. While he still pops up in comfortable cottons, he did dress to impress when he was dating Charlotte.