Boxing: The Hottest Fitness Program

By Aaron Welsh Oct 01, 2012

In everything they do, the residents of the Hamptons go bigger and bolder. When Nolan decided he needed to get in shape in case the White-Haired Man ever came back, he didn’t just take a self-defense course; the newly dubbed ‘Southpaw’ immersed himself in weight training, karate, and boxing. Boxing is the new fitness fad to hit the rich, famous, and anyone looking for a killer workout. It is easily one of the most physically demanding sports; right up there next to wrestling and hockey. Have you ever wondered how to box? Below are some tips to get you started.

1) Join a Gym
Many gyms have boxing classes just like yoga or spin. Join one today and they’ll help you get in shape and learn the basics before you ever set foot in the ring.

2) Start Conditioning NOW
It takes more than a good left hook to be a great boxer. A boxer needs strength, stamina, and speed. That’s why you should commit to a regular fitness program that includes cardio, core exercises, and weight-training. If you are bored with just running, try joining a dance class. It’s a fun way to get some exercise and it helps you learn to keep your feet moving.

3) Know the Basics

Footwork & Stance – When you are in the ring, you want to have a stable stance. You don’t want to be knocked over the first time your opponent punches you. Try using a staggered stance where one foot is in front of the other and your knees are bent. Stay on your toes and never stop moving because a moving target is much harder to hit than a stationary target. For your arms; keep your elbows in, hands up and your chin down.

The Punches
• Jab: This is usually done with your front weaker hand to keep your opponent away from you.
• Cross: The exact opposite of the jab. You punch with your dominant back hand across your body.
• Hook: This is a sweeping punch to the head or to the body.
• Uppercut: An upward blow delivered by either hand.

Taking a Punch - Not only is it important to deliver a punch, it is also vital to avoid or take a punch as well.
• Parry: Slap your opponent’s gloves away as they try to punch you.
• Block: You’re not trying to avoid contact. You are simply letting your gloves take the impact rather than your body.
• Slip: You rotate your body as your opponent goes for your head. This makes their punch miss completely.
• Bob & Weave: This is exactly what it sounds like. You bend your legs as your opponent tries to punch your head (bob) then arch your body (weave) to avoid your their glove.

This is just a quick overview of the great sport of boxing. Go to your boxing gym to find out more!