The Formalwear of Revenge

By Aaron Welsh Jun 14, 2012

The Hamptons is the one place where you don’t want to look unfashionable. In this little community, one might find people on the street wearing nice clothes, but the parties are where you’ll find the posh outfits. Take a look at some of the tony outfits from season one of Revenge!

1. Emily Thorne

Emily is the woman all other aspire to look like. She has a modern look with classical sensibilities that screams confidence.

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2. Victoria Grayson

Victoria is as elegant as they come. Be it her son’s engagement party or a charity fundraiser, Mrs. Grayson has been the walking personification of chic.

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3. Ashley Davenport

What can we say about Ashley Davenport? She might not have as much money as Emily or the Graysons, but you would never know it. Ms. Davenport always looks like she dresses like a million bucks.

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4. Daniel Grayson

Classic as they come, Daniel’s look will always be in fashion. Don’t be surprised when you’re watching an old Carey Grant film and you spot a Daniel Grayson tux or suit.