Nolan's Unique Attire: Top 7 Things We've Seen Nolan Wear

By Aaron Welsh Jul 16, 2012

Nolan’s choice in clothing is….interesting to say the least. It’s obvious this man’s fashion isn’t from the school of old-money, he’s new-money chic. Check out some of the finer clothing choices this nerd-centric tech billionaire is sporting these days while living it up in The Hamptons.

Before he went all Montauk chic, Nolan was very into dark colors and leather. Thank heavens this was only a phase. 

This is more the Nolan we all know and love. He's ready for a day on the high seas with his best bud, Jack Porter, while wearing his yachting hat, whale pants, and pale blue sports coat. 

Nolan is just as comfortable on the links as he is on the ocean. Here we see him taking a break while wearing an orange argyle polo at the local country club. 

We seem to have spotted a pattern, Nolan loves polo sweaters.

Nolan is a man that's dressed to impress in this nice white suit. 

Be it khaki, white, or a pastel; one thing is certain, Nolan looks great in light colors. 

This last one was just for fun :)