• Bail Denied!
    • By Revenge
    In a surprise decision, the judge in Daniel Grayson's case decided to deny his bail. During the arraignment... Read More »

  • A Rising Star!
    • By Revenge
    It seems that there is at least one good thing to come out of Daniel Grayson's supposed crime, the rising star of Ashley Davenport... Read More »

  • Love and Death...
    • By Revenge
    Love wasn't the only thing in the air during Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne's engagement party, in fact the distinct odor of murder made an appearance during the festivities. According to reports, Tyler Barrol... Read More »

  • Charlotte Grayson has nothing to complain about these days….except that she’s been lied to for her entire life... Read More »

  • Invitations to the Fire and Ice Ball are out to announce the engagement of Mr. Daniel Grayson to Miss Emily Thorne... Read More »

  • You’ve heard it here first, Daniel Grayson has proposed to Emily Thorne... Read More »

  • What??? The Grayson’s were held up at gunpoint!?! According to police reports, the Graysons were hosting a party on the beach to celebrate Daniel’s birthday. About halfway through the festivities, Emily left to grab the birthday boy’s cake. She not only returned with the sweet treat, but accompanying her was Tyler Barrol, Daniel’s former pal... Read More »

  • Attention ladies, another Grayson is on the market!! He might be a slightly older model, but don’t be fooled, this one is vintage chic... Read More »

  • New Surroundings
    • By Revenge
    Daniel Grayson has left the nest! We repeat, Daniel Grayson has left the nest! It’s reported that the young stud has moved out of his mother’s house and is shacking up with... Read More »

  • The Hamptons’ most outspoken tech billionaire is sporting a brand new ‘roided out bodyguard... Read More »

  • Daniel Grayson, who’s had a less than stellar record when it comes to alcohol, was seen recently at the Stowaway falling off the wagon and putting the moves on some local floozy... Read More »

  • Trouble just seems to follow the current and former residents of The Hamptons. Recently, the police responded to a call at the new residence of Lydia Davis, a former best friend and member of Victoria Grayson’s inner circle... Read More »

  • TMI Victoria!
    • By Revenge
    This blog seems to talk so much about the Graysons, but to be fair, this small family produces more dirt than most of the families in The Hamptons combined! Recently, Dr. Michelle Banks hosted a charity tea to support mental health with the queen herself, Victoria Grayson, and her daughter Charlotte in attendance... Read More »

  • Not long ago, Grayson Manor was the setting for a barbecue honoring the well-respected and much-adored Senator Kingsley. All in attendance knew that the Senator was going to make an announcement, but what was unknown was how shocking the announcement would be... Read More »

  • Daniel Grayson just can’t seem to catch a break these days, unless you’re talking about the shattered windshield of his car. Recently he was seen dining with the lovely Emily Thorne... Read More »

  • This week Emily Thorne, the new belle around town, was seen on a hot date with the VERY eligible bachelor Daniel Grayson. They were seen having an afternoon picnic on the beach and the sparks must have been flying... Read More »

  • Sayonara Lydia
    • By Revenge
    Ouch, it has been a harsh day for Lydia Davis. Victoria Grayson auctioned off a painting that was originally given to her by Lydia at the annual Memorial Day bash. Wouldn’t you know, Ms. Davis won the piece of art back... Read More »

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