Ghosts from the Past

By Revenge Jun 29, 2011

Daniel Grayson just can’t seem to catch a break these days, unless you’re talking about the shattered windshield of his car. Recently he was seen dining with the lovely Emily Thorne at a local Italian eatery. Witnesses said that his comments to a staff member weren’t received well because after a brief exchange, the unnamed staff member took a golf club, teed up the windshield of Daniel’s Aston Martin, and went to town on it. It looked as if the unnamed staff member took lessons from the ex-wife of a two-timing unnamed pro-golfer.

It is rumored that the incident stemmed from the attacker’s anger at Daniel Grayson’s role in a drunk driving accident which caused the paralysis of his sister. When asked about the incident, the tight-lipped playboy responded with the predictable, “No Comment.”