What Goes Up, Must…..

By Revenge Jul 17, 2011

Trouble just seems to follow the current and former residents of The Hamptons. Recently, the police responded to a call at the new residence of Lydia Davis, a former best friend and member of Victoria Grayson’s inner circle. It seems that Lydia Davis fell (or was likely pushed) off the top of her apartment building and landed on a parked cab below. Miraculously, Ms. Davis survived the fall. Victoria has graciously decided to take Lydia in and let her convalesce at Grayson Manor. Maybe she had a change of heart about Lydia? (We doubt it) Rumors are flying about that Frank Stevens, Conrad Grayson’s head of security, was the one responsible for Lydia’s sudden impact with the taxi.

( We hope Victoria only has Lydia’s best interests at heart, but given her track record, that seems a long shot at best. )