Get Season 3 of Revenge on DVD

By Erica Brown Aug 08, 2014

Revenge Season 4 premiered on Sunday, September 28 at 10|9c! In case you missed the exciting back story, the Revenge Season 3 DVD is available now. Also on the DVD are exclusive, not-to-be-missed bonus features including a behind-the-scenes look at the men of Revenge. So order your copy today!

What was your favorite Revenge Season 3 moment? Share with us on Twitter! And check out the videos below to see a few of ours.

Emily Has Victoria Committed

Emily Clears David Clarke's Name

Emily Clears David Clarke's Name|Jack expresses how proud he is of Emily.|Emily and Jack are together when the news breaks that David Clarke's name has been cleared. Jack gets emotional as he tells Emily how proud he is of her. Watch this scene from the season finale of Revenge: Episode 322 - Execution.



Emily and Daniel Exchange Vows|Emily and Daniel are husband and wifeuntil death do they part.|The first part of Emily's plan is finally done; becoming Mrs. Daniel Grayson. Next step, frame Victoria for her own murder.



Nolan's Grand Entrance|It's just not Nolan's style to use something as mundane as a door.|It's just not Nolan's style to use something as mundane as a door. He parachutes into the party, James Bond style, to the annoyance of Emily and the surprise of the guests.