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  • Fa1c0n, a.k.a. Edith Long
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Before the downing of flight 197, Fa1c0n a.k.a. Edith Long, was a young computer prodigy brought into Grayson Global as a consultant to design the company’s internal network. After the plane crash, the Conrad and Victoria used this in-house expert to electronically fake evidence against David Clarke; sealing the fate of this innocent man. Read More »

  • See her exposing interview with Victoria SUNDAY APRIL 28 9|8c Read More »

  • Eli James
    • By Eli James
    Eli James is Emily’s long lost foster brother. When they were children, Eli was Emily’s protector, but he wasn't able to do anything to save her when she set fire to her second foster home. She was institutionalized with Eli left wondering what happened to his childhood friend. After he grew up, Eli tried to track Amanda (Emily) down. All he found was a stripper using that identity (Amanda) and a bunch of dead ends. He was stuck until… Read More »

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  • Best Moments of Season 2
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Wow, it has been a crazy season! From the shocking revelation of Victoria not being dead to Amanda's death on the yacht, check out our picks for the best moments of the season. Read More »

  • Amanda Clarke
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Amanda Clarke is an old friend of Emily’s from juvenile detention. When these two women first met, Emily was known as Amanda and Amanda was known as Emily. At first they hated each other, but Warden Stiles told David Clarke’s daughter that she should make friends with the troubled girl because she can make it work for her instead of against her. After they were both released (and friends), Amanda accepted an offer of $500 million dollars to switch identities with Emily. Read More »

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  • Mason Treadwell
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Before his book about the downing of flight 197, Mason Treadwell was just a lowly journalist who inspired for more. He saw an opportunity to make all his dreams come true when David Clarke came into his life. The trial was not going well and he looked to Mason to tell his story, but David’s trust in Mason was a colossal mistake. Victoria bribed the impoverished writer to fabricate a story to implicate David rather than tell the truth. The book went on to become a sensation which cemented the negative public perception of David from that day on. Read More »

  • The white-haired man’s real name was Gordon Murphy. He was the liaison between Americon Initiative and the Graysons before and after the downing of Flight 197. Shortly before David’s arrest, Gordon was tasked to kill Kara Clarke, David’s wife. Instead took her away from the hospital and later married her. Read More »

  • The Trial of David Clarke
    • By Aaron Welsh
    David Clarke was a man who fell in love with a black widow, was framed for a terrorist incident, sent to prison, and eventually murdered to keep quiet. Take a look at this infographic and video that outlines everything that led up to the untimely death of Emily's father. Read More »

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  • Aiden Mathis
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Aiden is a mystery man from Emily's past. He trained with her at Revenge School under the guidance of Takeda. We still don't know if he can be trusted. Read More »

  • A Revenge Thanksgiving
    • By Lindsey Antis
    Take a look at what will be on the Thanksgiving menu for the Graysons Read More »

  • Take a look at some hidden footage from "Gift of Revenge" Read More »

  • Padma Lahari
    • By Aaron Welsh
    A young ambitious go-getter, Padma Lahari is NolCorp’s new CFO. As CFO, Padma discovered the origins of NolCorp and the information that a terrorist (David Clarke) might have provided Nolan with the seed money to get his company started. The exposure of this information could mean the Nolan loses controlling interest of his company to Grayson Global. To complicate matters, Padma is also shaping up to be Nolan’s next lover. Read More »

  • Kara Wallace
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Kara Wallace was married to David Clarke and together they had their daughter Amanda. Much is still unknown about Kara, only that she was in a mental institution when Amanda was still a child. Victoria had the White-Haired Man mysteriously take Kara someplace shortly before David Clarke was arrested for blowing up Flight 197. David had told Amanda that her mother had died in 1989, when Amanda was just five years old... Read More »

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  • In everything they do, the residents of the Hamptons go bigger and bolder. When Nolan decided he needed to get in shape in case the White-Haired Man ever came back, he didn’t just take a self-defense course; the newly dubbed ‘Southpaw’ immersed himself in weight training, karate, and boxing. Boxing is the new fitness fad to hit the rich, famous, and anyone looking for a killer workout. Read More »

  • Sammy
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Sammy was given to Emily as a puppy for her birthday in 1993. Jack holds on to Sammy when Amanda was taken away after David’s arrest. When Emily returns to the Hamptons in 2011, Sammy recognizes her immediately and greets her with great affection and shows animosity towards the fake Amanda Clarke. Before he died, he goes to Emily’s beach house one last time. Sammy passes and Emily and Jack bury him in the sand Read More »

  • Roger Halsted
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Roger Halsted was the Senior Accountant at Grayson Global who discovered the discrepancies in the books that pointed to Conrad’s guilt in the downing of Flight 197. He had gathered enough evidence to free David, but before he could go to the police, David Clarke was already dead. After Emily tried to enlist his help at the Grayson's 2002 New Year’s Eve party, Frank Stevens pulled him away, killed him, and staged it as a suicide. Read More »

  • Carole Miller
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Carole Miller is Nolan’s aunt, Conrad’s former secretary, and the person who first introduced Nolan to David Clarke, the man who helped get NolCorp off of the ground. While working for Conrad she discovered Roger Halsted, the accountant who could have proven David Clarke’s innocence. Shortly after David’s murder in prison, Nolan called his aunt in a panic and had her go into hiding immediately. Read More »

  • Dominik Wright
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Dominik Wright is a former lover of Victoria’s and an artist who, in the past, has produced forged paintings. He quickly packed up and left town after Conrad paid him a little visit to discuss his relationship with Victoria. Read More »

  • Benjamin Brooks
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Benjamin Brooks was called in to be Daniel’s defense attorney during the trial. He was also the person who floated the idea of putting a third person on the beach the night of the murder. During Daniel's trial, he became impressed with Ashley's handling of the press and offered her a job at his firm, but later rescinded the offer after he found out she leaked photos to the press. Read More »

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