• Edward "Grandpa" Grayson
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Edward "Grandpa" Grayson is Conrad’s father and Chairman of the Board for Grayson Global. He visited Grayson Manor when Conrad and Victoria were in the middle of divorce proceedings. For the sake of the company, he attempted to make the divorce as amicable as possible, but had no such luck. Read More »

  • Lee Moran
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Lee Moran was one of Victoria’s goons whom she hired him to steal Mason Treadwell’s tapes from The Stowaway and beat Daniel up in prison. Emily frames Lee for Tyler’s murder by planting Jack’s stolen hoodie in his car. While in custody, Lee thought the Graysons are setting him up for Tyler’s murder. Later, he was found dead in his cell from an apparent suicide. Read More »

  • Frank Stevens
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Frank Stevens was the Graysons former henchman and bodyguard. Frank was killed by Amanda Clarke after his investigation into Emily Thorne led him to her. The people that we know Frank has killed or has tried to kill are Lydia Davis and Roger Halsted. Read More »

  • David Clarke
    • By Aaron Welsh
    David Clarke is Emily and Charlotte's father and the former lover of Victoria Grayson. David was framed for the downing of Flight 197, sent to prison, and murdered to keep quiet. Emily is back to avenge this man's death. Read More »

  • Satoshi Takeda
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Satoshi Takeda is Emily's teacher in the art of Revenge and continues to be a tool at Emily's disposal in her pursuit of personal justice. At the request of Emily, Takeda was there to pose as a potential investor when Daniel and Tyler were competing for Grayson Global's next big score. Without Emily’s knowledge or permission, Takeda took it upon himself to try and finish her mission of revenge by killing Tyler and pinning it on Daniel. Read More »

  • Warden Stiles
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Warden Stiles was in charge of Allenwood, the institution where Emily was locked up as a teenager. The warden was the one who advised Emily, then known as Amanda, to make friends with her cell mate. She was also the one who gave Emily Takeda’s phone number after she was released. Read More »

  • Ryan Huntley
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Ryan Huntley was David Clarke’s defense attorney. Emily feels he betrayed her father because he chose not to move forward with her father’s appeal. She chose not to take him out and instead used him as a tool in her scheme. Mr. Huntley has always believed that David Clarke was an innocent man. Read More »

  • Tyler Barrol
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Tyler Barrol was Daniel’s old college friend and a violence-prone psychopath. Shortly after coming to the Hamptons, Tyler is hired by Conrad. A contest is setup to see who could score the biggest investor, Tyler or Daniel. Tyler won because he prostituted himself out to Nolan, but was later firedafter Conrad he learned of this. Tyler was outraged and decided to drop in on Daniel’s birthday party and threaten everyone with a gun. He returned to the Hamptons shortly before the Emily and Daniel’s engagement party. During the party he confronted Daniel on the beach. He wanted to kill Daniel and frame Emily for the murder. It didn’t go exactly to plan. In the struggle, Tyler was shot once in the chest by Daniel. While Tyler was lying face down on the beach, Takeda knocked Daniel out and finished Tyler off by shooting him twice in the back. Read More »

  • Senator Tom Kingsly
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Senator Kinglsy was the federal prosecutor in the David Clarke case. Valuable evidence that would have proven David’s innocence was provided to him, but he chose to ignore it. Emily took down this man by threatening to expose an extramarital affair that resulted in a pregnant mistress. Read More »

  • Lydia Davis
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Lydia David was David Clarke’s former secretary, Victoria’s former best friend, and Emily’s first target. For years Lydia was Victoria’s BFF, but their friendship abruptly ended after Victoria (with the help of Emily) discovered the affair between Lydia and Conrad. Later, is later thrown off the top of a building by Frank, Victoria’s henchman, after she threatened to expose the truth. She survived, but was later aboard the fateful flight that exploded shortly after takeoff at the end of season one. Read More »

  • Bill Harmon
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Bill Harmon is the head of Wall Street’s most profitable hedge fund and former friend to David Clarke. He testified against David in the trial because the Graysons threatened to turn in evidence that could hurt him to the SEC if he didn’t turn on his old pal. After Emily’s return, she leaked false information to him about a potential investment by NolCorp. The bad information led Bill to overinvest and ruin his company. Read More »

  • Dr. Michelle Banks
    • By Aaron Welsh
    Dr. Michelle Banks was the person responsible for institutionalizing Amanda Clarke as a child. She spent most of her sessions with the young girl trying to convince her that her father was a terrorist, but Amanda never believed her. Emily took Dr. Banks out by stealing secret tapes of therapy sessions from the Hamptons most powerful and making them available for all to see on the internet. The good doctor later went missing and was found locked in a storage unit registered to Grayson Global. Read More »

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  • Revenge Catch Up
    • By Aaron Welsh
    From Emily’s triumphant return to the plane crash and Emily’s fight with the white-haired man, it might be hard to remember all the important details in between. To aid you in all things Revenge, we’ve made some fun features below for you to catch up on the storyline and characters. Read More »

  • Season 1 on DVD
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  • Top 5 Painful Moments
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  • The Formalwear of Revenge
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