• Filming in the Sky
    • By Revenge
    Just returned from a few days of filming in The Hamptons. Part of the back nine of "Revenge" takes place during winter, and I needed to return there to photograph shots of the streets, beaches, and homes... Read More »

  • Who's In Charge?!?!
    • By Revenge
    "Who's running this show anyway?"
    Mike Kelley and Whiskey... Read More »

  • Sue, one of our REVENGE editors, cutting together a juicy #115 scene! Read More »

  • Jimmy Choo Shoes
    • By Revenge
    Who's sparkly Jimmy Choo's do you think these are? Keep your eye on the shoes in episode #115 to figure it out :) Read More »

  • On set of "Chaos"
    • By Revenge
    Behind the scenes - On set shooting #115... Read More »

  • Full Steam Ahead
    • By Revenge
    The week has only begun and we’re already off running full steam ahead here in the writers’ room. There is an inkling of relief today because we are discussing episode 120 and can see a trace of the finish line we need to cross in order to complete the season... Read More »

  • Revenge Table-read
    • By Revenge
    One very important aspect to each episode is the table-read. A table-read is an organized reading of the entire script where the speaking parts are conducted by all the actors and actresses. This reading is usually... Read More »

  • "Chaos" Begins
    • By Revenge
    Pre-production has started on episode #115 "Chaos." This episode brings the audience back to the Pilot during Emily and Daniel's engagement party. Everything appears to be going well... Read More »