The Red X Report: Revenge Season 3 Finale

By Erica Brown May 12, 2014

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to the highlights for the "Execution" episode of Revenge. Be warned, we're talking about details about the episode so don't continue if you don't want to get spoiled. Enjoy!

Emily Clears David Clarke's Name: Emily is overjoyed when a news report states that her father’s conviction has been overturned. David Clarke is officially declared an innocent man! Watch as she shares a sweet celebratory moment with Jack in the clip below.


Victoria Kills Aiden!: Unfortunately, Emily's celebration doesn't last long. Right after she finds out her father has been cleared, she makes a gruesome discovery: Aiden is dead. Watch the heartbreaking clip below to see Victoria get her own revenge against Emily.


This Means War: After Aiden is murdered, Emily and Victoria face off at the gravesite of David Clarke. Victoria knows everything... but Emily's revengenda isn't over yet. Look out, Victoria!


David Clarke Returns!: Meanwhile, Conrad handles prison like only a Grayson can. He finds a way out. Unfortunately, his freedom doesn't last long. He's shocked when he comes upon a very alive David Clarke! Watch the shocking scene below to see David stab him!


"She's Amanda Clarke!": Remember Emily digging up Amanda Clarke's grave? Well, score one for Emily Thorne. Emily has Victoria committed after she convinces everyone that her nemesis is obsessed with the "theory" that Emily is really Amanda Clarke. Watch this jaw-dropping scene from the season finale below.


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