The Red X Report: Episode 303 Confession

By Aaron Welsh Oct 14, 2013

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to the Red X Report for the "Confession" episode of Revenge. Here you'll find highlights, quotes and more. Be warned, we’re talking about details about the episode so stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled. Enjoy!

The most "oh no, they just didn’t go there" exchange ever: Emily has always done a good job of keeping her cool in tough situations, but not here. The gloves came off and the claws came out when Victoria confronted her about the purchase of Nolan’s house. Emily's response was ever so satisfying. Watch the vicious exchange:


Nolan’s back at it again: Nolan is too cautious to let his guard down after Padma, but there's nothing wrong with a little lust. From the get-go, Nolan was sizing Patrick up like a piece of meat and decided to invite him to his party. Can you imagine how Victoria will react if Nolan gets into Patrick’s pants (or vice versa)?


Conrad’s crisis of conscience: It took a tragic diagnosis for Conrad to realize maybe it was wrong for him to down Flight 197 and frame a former associate for the crime. Now he wants to come clean regardless of how it’ll affect his family. As Father Paul puts it, "at least he’s trying to make amends." Shockingly, Victoria is not sympathetic to Conrad's point of view. 


Aiden the double agent: Aiden’s been working with Emily this whole time?!?! He knew if Emily called for help, she must REALLY need him. Emily’s not happy he strayed from her plan, but he only did it to fully gain the trust of Victoria. Now they wait to see if Conrad comes clean.


Daniel’s new gig: In season 2, Daniel battled with Conrad for control of Grayson Global. Now he’s struggling with Margaux to assert his power in his new position at Voulez. Daniel didn’t want Nolan as a cover story, Margaux did. She clearly has the ability to smooth talk people into interviews, but Daniel has the corporate know-how to get things done the way he wants. 


Quotes of the night:

• Margaux to Daniel about their power struggle at Voulez: "If I needed a man to order me around, I would have gone to work for my father.”

• Victoria to Daniel about Emily’s relationship with Aiden: "Are you sure about that? They fight as if they’re in love."

• Daniel and Emily walking into Nolan’s party: Daniel: "Couldn't you have bought him a more modest house?" Emily: "Nolan doesn't do modest."

Enough of the lies and distractions, Emily is back on track to take down the people responsible for her father's false imprisonment.  Stay tuned for the next Red X Report!