The Red X Report: Episode 309 Surrender

By Aaron Welsh Dec 09, 2013

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to the highlights for the "Surrender" episode of Revenge. Here you'll find highlights, quotes and more. Be warned, we're talking about details about the episode so don't continue if you don't want to get spoiled. Enjoy!

The Elephant in the Room – What an awkward situation, Daniel knew that Victoria told Emily about Sara. (The manipulator strikes again!) He just couldn’t hold it in and just had to clear the air with Emily. All Emily needed to hear was that it is over and Daniel’s all in for her and the baby. Awww

Pending Nuptials – We’re not talking about Daniel here either. Aiden is head over heels in love with Emily and will stand by her through thick and thin if it means that can eventually be together. The real question is how much Emily is will to put Aiden through.

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