The Red X Report: Episode 316 Disgrace

By Erica Brown Mar 25, 2014

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to the highlights for the "Disgrace" episode of Revenge. Be warned, we're talking about details about the episode so don't continue if you don't want to get spoiled. Enjoy!

Meet Pascal LeMarchal: Margaux's father comes to town and reunites with the Graysons. Conrad and Pascal talk business and the past. But how will Victoria react to Pascal's presence? Watch the scene below.


Emily's Fake Pregnancy Revealed!: While enjoying a night out at the opera, Charlotte gets an incriminating message sent to her tip line: Emily faked her pregnancy! All eyes are on Emily Thorne as the Graysons publicly react. Watch the drama-filled scene below! (And keep reading to see who was behind this...)


Jack & Emily Join Forces: When Jack realizes that Emily was behind her fake pregnancy news being leaked, he knows she has a new plan. He wants to help her this time... but it might not be that easy. Turns out, Emily thinks Pascal (Margaux’s father!) might be involved. Uh-oh.


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