Revenge Season 3 Medal Moments

By Erica Brown Feb 18, 2014

Let the Revenge games begin! There’s a lot of excitement about some big event happening in Sochi, but these so-called “games” have nothing on the weekly thrills, chills and occasional kills that take place in the Hamptons. We feel some of these memorable moments deserve a little recognition. So take a look at our selection of medal moments from Season 3 of Revenge. Tell us your favorites in the comments below and be sure to let us know about anything we forgot.

HONORABLE MENTION (TIE): There have been so many medal-worthy moments this season that we had trouble narrowing it down! Here is the first to two moments that snagged the honorable mention award. In “Homecoming,” things were looking pretty grim for Emily. She’d just been shot -- and as a result couldn’t remember anything. Just as things appeared completely hopeless, Jack visited her at the hospital and explained to a shaken Ems that she was the toughest, most annoyingly-bullheaded person on the planet. He gave her the locket that she gave him when Amanda died, along with a few heartfelt words and a kiss to her forehead. Then, miraculously, Emily started to remember her past… and who shot her!


HONORABLE MENTION (TIE): It didn’t take long before Emily Thorne was back and better than ever. This scene in “Endurance” where Emily tells Daniel and Victoria that she knows he is the one who shot her still gives us chills! After she explained how she now had to upper hand on the Graysons, Emily smiled and said, “I’m not going anywhere…seems I am home after all.” Enter Victoria and Conrad 2.0?


BRONZE MOMENT: Emily claims that she’s not very good at expressing herself, but when she told Jack and Nolan how much they meant to her in “Dissolution,” it impressed us so much that we are awarding it the bronze moment of the season! Because of her plans for her wedding day, Emily didn’t want anything left unsaid. She explained to Jack and Nolan that they were two of the most important people in her life. Emily then dropped the bombshell that after she married Daniel, she’d never seen them again – because she was going to frame Victoria Grayson for the murder of Emily Thorne.


SILVER MOMENT: While helping Emily prepare for the end of her journey in “Surrender," Aiden had an award-worthy surprise for his true love. “Amanda Clarke, will you marry me?” he asked as he dropped to one knee, candle lights twinkling all around him. Without a moment’s hesitation, she answered with a heartfelt yes – even though she was technically scheduled to be married to Daniel the very next day. Details, details! This romantic moment still takes home the silver prize.


GOLD MOMENT: It was a tough decision, but the top honor of this season goes to Daniel and Emily’s wedding. This moment in “Exodus” was years in the making and while it may not have ended exactly like Emily Thorne planned, we certainly enjoyed our front row seats to the event of the year. “From the moment I met you,” Emily shared in her vows, “I knew that this moment was in our destiny.” Truer words have never been spoken. Instead of congratulating the bride and groom (because, let’s be honest, we all know how that turned out!), we’ll extend our congrats to this gold-medal worthy moment. To a match made in Revenge heaven… or, um… hell. Cheers!

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