The Revenge Awards

By Jim Donnelly Feb 25, 2014

There’s a certain time of year when awards shows are in full bloom. Pretty people dress up, party hard and celebrate the self-aggrandizing nature of their existence. Still, Hollywood has nothing on the Hamptons when it comes to ratcheting up the drama of a life of excess. That’s why we felt the need to celebrate the first annual Revenge Awards. So sit back and enjoy some of the most prize-winning moments of last season before the Season 4 Premiere SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 28 10|9c!

Best Back-and-Forth between Ems and the Queen: You know those scenes in movies where you just have a feeling something bad is about to happen because everything is moving in slow-motion? The deliberate entrance Victoria makes in “Confession” with Aiden by her side at Nolan’s party should have been fair warning that the war between Emily and Victoria was about to hit DEFCON 1.


Best Entrance for the Sole Purpose of Delivering a Vile to Your Revenge-y Friend so She Can Slip the Governor a Mickey: Yes, security was tight at the Grayson Memorial Day kickoff. Nolan arrives a tad late, but in memorable fashion by paragliding into the middle of the affair. It causes quite the uproar. Emily offers Conrad a bottle of water to calm him down. Little did he know it would cause him to collapse, develop a disease he never really had and vanquish any hopes of trading in Grayson Manor for the White House.


Best Bromance: In “Dissolution,” Jack forgives Nolan for the secret he’s kept all this time. He vows that they are friends. As a friend, he says that Patrick has to go. Nolan doesn’t have the strength. Jack will take care of that for him. Nolan and Jack have both had their share of heartbreak in the Hamptons, but at the end of the day, at least they still have each other. Watch their emotionally manly scene:


Best Friends: It’s rare that Emily Thorne shows her feelings. She never opens up to anyone. Until now. It’s kind of cool to see Ems hanging out with the two people who have always been there for her. It’s a nice moment even though we knew it wouldn’t last for long. Why? Well, that’s because Emily Thorne always has a plan.


Best Dressed Couple: Well, it has to be the bride and groom come the wedding of the century between Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne. As pretty as Emily is on this day, the memories she recalls as vows are exchanged are some of the ugliest of her life. Still, the divine Miss Ems manages to maintain a smile which is more than one can say about her brand new mother-in-law.


Best Archenemies: Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson will always be the Meryl Streep of this category. Nobody hurls backhanded compliments and flat-out insults in a classier way than these two. In lieu of any acceptance speeches, let’s just enjoy some more venomous banter between our two favorite adversaries.


Keep watching for more award-worthy moments coming your way when Revenge returns with the Season 4 Premiere on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 28 10|9c on ABC!