Being Targeted by Emily is the Worst Thing Ever

By Aaron Welsh Aug 14, 2013

If you wrong Emily, she’s not content with the justice system going after you; she’ll determine a fitting punishment and arrange it herself.

"Victoria took my mother away from me…it’s time I took her daughter away from her" - Emily Thorne

She’ll do her homework and lure you into a trap.

"It’s time to make her squirm" - Emily Thorne

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Just to taunt you, she may give you a warning beforehand.

"I’m not running Aiden, but I think it’s time you did" – Emily Thorne

When the time is right, she’ll strike (and perhaps beat you for good measure).

"You so much as blink and you’re dead" - Emily Thorne

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To make matters worse, there’s always the possibility she’ll come back when everything is done and gloat.

"Do I really need to remind you that only I have the power to release you or see to it that you die in there just like my father did" - Emily Thorne