Best Moments of Season 2

By Aaron Welsh Feb 22, 2013

Wow, it was a crazy season! From the shocking revelation of Victoria not being dead to Amanda's death on the yacht, check out our picks for the best moments of the season.

#1 - Victoria is Alive

Everyone assumed Victoria had died on the plane when it exploded. What really happened was that the white-haired man (a.k.a Gordon Murphy) contacted her right before takeoff and warned Victoria of the danger. This wasn't an act of charity, be planted the bomb and wanted 1/2 of Charlotte's inheritance.

#2 - Amanda's Great Fall

At the behest of Emily, Amanda was trying to barter David's old journals in exchange for information. The discussion got heat, Victoria revealed that Kara tried to kill Amanda when she was a child, then Amanda fell over the railing of a second floor balcony after Victoria viciously grabbed the ledger and check out of Amanda's hand.

#3 - Victoria Kills Helen Crawley

Victoria was afraid the Initiative would do to Daniel what they did to David Clarke. Helen didn't think she had the guts to pull the trigger, but she soon learned she was wrong.

#4 - Jack and Amanda Marry

The couple marry have a small ceremony on the beach, surrounded by family and friends with Nolan officiating. Emily had a hard time keeping things together while her old friend and childhood love tied the knot. Overlooking the ceremony high on a cliff was Aiden, Emily lover during her years in revenge school.

#5 - Emily Saves Amanda from Nate

Emily hopped on a speedboat and rushed to the aid of Jack and Amanda in the middle of the Atlantic. Emily didn't make it in time to prevent Jack from being shot, but she did kick Nate's butt. In his final act of desperation, Nate blew up the boat just as Amanda and Emily jumped to safety in the water. Emily survived the explosion, but Amanda wasn't so lucky though.