Is Nolan more like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs

By Aaron Welsh Jul 03, 2013
Nolan has lost control of his company

Fact: Nolan had a modest upbringing

Win: Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was given up for adoption; Nolan was kicked out of the house by his father. Each of these men were forced to leave their birth parents and later taken in by a loving family; Steve by the Jobs family and Nolan by his aunt Carol.

Fact: Nolan has his own unique sense of style

Win: Steve Jobs
Bill Gates' wardrobe isn't bad; it's just gets lost in the crowd. Nolan and Steve's attire is much more memorable and unique to say the least. Nolan clothes scream yuppie chic while Steve Jobs had his signature turtleneck and jeans.

Fact: At one point, Nolan lost control of his company only to regain control later

Win: Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was effectively fired in 1985 and returned in 1996 after Apple acquired the company he was heading up at the time. Nolan lost control of his company after Daniel discovered a technicality that gave Grayson Global majority ownership of NolCorp. Later, Victoria gave control of NolCorp back to Nolan after he agreed to help find her long lost son.

Fact: Nolan is a genius programmer

Win: Bill Gates
While it is true that Steve Jobs did know his way around a computer, we have to give the nod to Bill. Nolan created the all-powerful Carrion program that caused the New York blackout and Bill created an algorithm whose speed couldn't be matched for over 30 years.

Fact: Nolan dropped out of college

Win: Tie
Nolan dropped out of M.I.T., Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, and Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College.

VERDICT: Steve Jobs