The Best and Worst Fathers of Revenge

By Aaron Welsh Dec 11, 2013

What can we say, not everyone is perfect. That is doubly true for the father's of Revenge, but hey, they ARE trying their best. Take a look at why we think each of these men could be the best OR worst father we've seen yet.

Conrad Grayson

Why he's the best father: He saved Charlotte's life for crying out loud!
After Charlotte learned of Victoria's "death," the distraught daughter took a few too may prescription pills; Conrad found her, saved her life, and sent her to rehab to get clean.

Why he's the worst father: He places himself before his children. ALL. THE. TIME.
Let's see...he drained Charlotte's trust fund while she was in rehab, he caused Charlotte great pain by telling her the truth about her biological father to spite Victoria, AND he engaged in a power struggle with Daniel for control of Grayson Global…need I say more?

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Jack Porter

Why he's the best father: Family first; he would do anything for his child... and has.
Jack's dad emphasized the importance of family and Jack has honored that tradition with his son. To his credit, Jack stuck around when Amanda was pregnant even though he thought the child might not be his, he rushed to the hospital to witness the birth of his son after Amanda got hurt, and now he's a single father raising this little boy ALL BY HIMSELF.

Why he's the worst father: Can anyone say absentee dad?!?!
After Amanda's death, Jack went off the deep end. He became obsessed with taking out Conrad and even became an advisor to the gubernatorial candidate to get on the inside. So where's Carl? Nobody knows but clearly not by Jack's side while he's executing his plan.

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David Clarke

Why he's the best father: There wasn't anything more important to him than Emily.
When he went to jail, one of his top concerns was Emily. He got Nolan to look after her when she was released from juvenile hall and he even put a stop to Nolan's investigation out of fear that the people responsible for the plane crash would go after his daughter next. 

Why he's the worst father: Poor decision making and lack of foresight
David never did anything intentionally to hurt his daughter, but his actions (when he decided to engage in an affair with Victoria) created a series of events that led to his death and terrible childhood for his daughter. Anybody who has watched a daytime talk show will know that messing with another man's wife will only lead to trouble.

Declan Porter

Why he's the best father: He was so excited to learn that Charlotte was pregnant!
If it wasn't for the fact that he died, he would have been a great father.

Why he's the worst father: N/A
To land in the worst father category, you would have had to do something bad to your child.  Unfortunately Declan died before his child was born so he gets a pass on this one.

Other fathers of note:
Edward "Grandpa" Grayson
Carl Porter
Nolan's Father