Revenge's Return: Top 5 Moments

By Aaron Welsh Oct 11, 2012

The return of Revenge has been nothing but shocking. From Conrad stealing Charlotte's inheritance to Victoria double-crossing the white-haired man, these are my favorite moments from the first two episodes. Do you think we missed one? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

1. Charlotte's public meltdown at the annual art auction. 
Conrad had arranged for Charlotte to fail her drug test. The youngest Grayson had no plans to go quietly as her doctor was escorting her back to rehab. She loudly and publicly accused Conrad of rigging the test AND blowing up the plane Victoria and Lydia were on. Luckily she was able to break free, if only for a moment, and whisper a secret to Emily.

2. Emily Finds Victoria Alive and Well
This is something I didn't see coming, she's been in hiding the whole time and in contact with Charlotte. Then she teamed up with Emily (sort of). Even though they were both working with each other, they both also had an agenda of their own.

3. Victoria's Beat Down
Conrad had been itching for years to do something like this to his vile wife. Now he had permission with no chance that he'd go to jail.

4. Nolan Appoints a New CFO
NolCorp is not in good shape. Padma, a young go-getter, strongly encouraged Nolan to appoint a new CFO. At first he didn’t want anything to do with sharing his company, but she eventually won him over. As a surprise, he appointed her rather than someone with MUCH more experience.

5. The White-Haired Man Attacked Emily
We find out that the White-Haired man saved Kara Wallace, Emily’s mother. For reasons we’ll surely learn, he wasn’t willing to save her daughter though. He had a knife to Emily’s throat and was ready to end her, but Aiden was there to stop the White-Haired man with one shot to the back.