Top 5 Painful Moments

By Aaron Welsh Aug 17, 2012

Revenge is a show where no one is safe. One minute you can be fine and the next you are doubled over in pain. We've gone back into the archives and assembled the top 5 most painful moments from season one of Revenge just for you. Think we missed one? Voice your opinion below!

1. Emily's fight with the white-haired man
This was a knock-down drag-out fight that included blows to the stomach, choke holds, and a victorious Emily.

2. Jack choosing Amanda over Emily
Even though Jack and Emily wanted to be together, Jack chose to be with Amanda.

3. Lydia plunged from the roof onto a car
Frank made sure Lydia had a nice trip.

4. Sammy died
Emily and Jack both lost a good friend that day.

5. Declan gets roughed up by some fishermen
We can see the headline now, "Declan porter: Amateur Poacher."