The Top 9 Things You Need to Know about Revenge: Season One

By Aaron Welsh Jun 22, 2012

With all things that happened this season, it is sometimes hard to keep track everything. To help all the Revenge fans out, we've compiled a list of the top 9 things that you absolutely need to know from season one!

1. Emily's Mother is Alive

We find out at the end of the season that Emily might have some family still out there. What her mother has been doing all these years is still yet to be determined.

2. Conrad is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in the Conspiracy

Conrad is very much afraid of the white-haired man. Conrad even warned his wife not to mess with these people.

3. Amanda is back and Pregnant!

After the murder of Tyler, Amanda took off. A clearly smitten Jack went searching for her with Nolan's ‘help'. Apparently Amanda just couldn't stay away and returned looking like she was about to pop.

4. Sammy Died

It's a heartbreaking scene as Sammy passes away. Jack and Emily console each other with hugs followed by a passionate kiss. Later, the two of them dig a grave on the beach and say goodbye one final time to their childhood friend.

5. Conrad Ordered the Murder of David Clarke

After the murder of Lee Moran, Emily realizes that Conrad ordered the white-haired man to murder her father. She is hell-bent on finding the white-haired man and killing him in the name of vengeance. In the finale, Emily has just the opportunity, but declines to take it. She might be a lot of things, but a killer is not one of them. 

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6. Takeda Killed Tyler

Takeda decided that Emily did not have the stomach to do what was needed to be done. At the beach Daniel shot Tyler in the chest, but that did not kill him. Takeda knocked Daniel out then put two more bullets in Tyler's back to finish the job. It's not surprising that Amanda was very unhappy with Takeda about this.

7. Charlotte is Hooked on Drugs

As a coping mechanism after learning of her true origins, Charlotte turned to pills. Her habit became so bad that she pushed away the one person who truly cared for her, Declan. In an awful moment in the finale, Conrad goes into his daughter's room to check on her only to find her unconscious; presumably from an overdose.

8. All Charges against Daniel Were Dropped

Emily stole the Jack's hoodie covered in Tyler's blood and planted it in Lee Moran's car. One anonymous tip later and Lee is in jail and Daniel is set free.

9. Amanda Killed Frank Stevens

Under the orders of Victoria Grayson, Frank starts to do some digging into Emily Thorne's life. He learns that she served time with Amanda Clarke. What he didn't know was that these two had switched identities long ago and Amanda considers Emily a very close friend. After an exchange in the strip where Amanda was working, Frank goes outside to call Victoria. The conversation was interrupted by Amanda killing Frank by hitting him over the head with a tire iron.