Audrey Kate Geiger

Performer - Eliminated Week 10


Age 24, New York, NY

Originally from West Long Branch, NJ, Audrey got her musical dreams for her dad. She used to be a surfer girl in NJ but she gave that up to pursue singing in the city and works as a bartender and yoga instructor. Twenty-one years ago, her Grandma went missing while on vacation in Delaware, and after 14 years, the police declared her dead, though her body was never found. Police suspect that she was a murder victim.

Week 9 Performance
"Killing Me Softly" - 69% East, 68% West

Week 8 Performance
"New York State of Mind" - 85% East, 85% West

Week 7 Performance
"The Big Bang" - 65% East, 62% West

Week 6 Performance
"Make You Feel My Love" by Adele - 88% East, 86% West

Week 3 Performance
"Stay with Me" - 84% East, 84% West