Dana Williams

Performer - Eliminated Week 10


Age 24, Los Angeles, CA

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she has worked as a teacher’s assistant in an elementary art school class as well as a private guitar instructor. Her father, David Williams, was a rhythm guitarist for Michael Jackson and one of her biggest musical influences. Her dad bought her the guitar at a young age and gave her the music bug. He passed away a few years ago but he keeps on inspiring her to go for her dream.

Week 9 Performance
"Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 - 75% East, 75% West

Week 8 Performance
"Human" by Christina Perri - 57% East, 60% West

Week 7 Performance
"Latch" - 60% East, 65% West

Week 6 Performance
"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" - 67% East, 69% West

Week 3 Performance
"Stay" - 87% East, 84% West