Maneepat Molloy

Performer - Eliminated Week 9


Age 16, Los Angeles, CA

She may be among the youngest, but she could have the biggest voice. Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Maneepat is entering her senior year of high school. She has appeared on “Thailand’s Got Talent,” but wants to make it in the USA. She plays viola and ukulele, and her dad introduced her to all kinds of music since childhood. She has three dogs and loves art, biking, reading, cooking, TV, sleeping, and…singing.

Week 9 Performance
"Chandelier" - 27% East, 34% West

Week 8 Performance
"Your Song" by Elton John - 46% East, 55% West

Week 7 Performance
"Stars" by Grace Potter - 68% East, 70% West

Week 6 Performance
"Gravity" by Sarah Bareilles - 66% East, 66% West

Week 1 Performance
"Con Te Partiro" by Sarah Brightman - 73% East, 75% West