Season 1 Episode 7 Week 7: Sudden Death Eliminations

08/04/14 Season 1 TV-PG L

After three weeks of live auditions and three more weeks of intense head-to-head duels, the time had come for all 13 of the remaining performers to put it all on the line with sudden death eliminations! 13 performers entered, but only eight would remain at the end of the night. Once again, host Josh Groban welcomed us to another exciting night of do-or-die performances and, as always, our three experts: Brad Paisley, Kesha and Ludacris, were there to guide us through. So who made it to the top eight and who went home? As always, that was up to you, the fans! Let’s get to the results for Week 7!






Eastern Score

West Coast Score

Macy Kate*


 Yes  Yes  60%  61%

Shameia Crawford


 Yes  Yes   76%   76%

Joshua Peavy


 Yes  Yes  85%  83%

April Lockhart


 Yes  Yes  71%  73%

Maneepat Molloy

Yes  Yes  No  68%  70%

Dana Williams


 Yes  Yes  60%  65%

Alice J. Lee*


 Yes  No  32%  42%

Jesse Kinch


 Yes  Yes  88%  87%

Megan Tibbits*


 Yes  No  32%  31%

Lisa Punch*


 Yes  Yes  59%  63%

Audrey Kate Geiger


 Yes  Yes  65%  62%

Austin French


 Yes  Yes  86%  83%

Sonnet Simmons*


 No  No  30%  30%

*Eliminated This Week

• Kicking off a night full of performances, young Macy Kate performed “Who Knew” by P!nk. She brought a lot of energy and passion, earning three “yes” votes from the experts, but only 60% total from the fans at home due to some rough notes in her performance.

• Next up was Shameia Crawford who’s ready to move from being a back-up performer to center stage, and she did just that with a performance of Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me.” All three experts voted “yes” and the home judges agreed, giving her a total of 76%.

• For the third performance of the night, youth pastor Joshua Peavy performed “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” by Michael Bolton. The performance was so good, for a minute there I swear he sprouted long, curly, blonde locks of his own! All three experts and the fans agreed with a total score of 85%!

• Young indy rocker April Lockhart took the stage next with a unique arrangement of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris.” All three experts voted “yes,” but the judges at home were a little torn with 71% of the vote.

• The youngest performer in the competition, Maneepat Molloy, was up next with “Stars” by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. Maneepat became the first performer of the night to get a “no” vote, this time from Ludacris, who thought she needed more stage presence. Maybe the home judges agreed, giving her only 68% of the vote.

• Last week’s west coast save, Dana Williams, was up next with “Latch.” She brought some strong vocals and a unique arrangement—and “yes” votes from all three experts—but only 60% of the vote.

• Time for the next performance, Alice J. Lee with “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. With 40% of the vote and “no” votes from both Luda and Brad, Alice had to know it wasn’t looking good for her to move on to the quarter finals.

• Rocker Jesse Kinch was up next, and he had the disadvantage of performing behind the wall. His song choice was “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, so something much more contemporary than his previous two performances. And he and his guitar basically set off a bomb in the building, with an explosive performance that set the highest score of the night with 88%!

• With her 40% score beaten, Alice J. Lee was eliminated from The Hot Seat and sent home. Next in was Macy Kate who barely had a lower total than Dana Williams.

• Next up was Megan Tibbits who had to beat Macy Kate’s 60% or go home, which funnily enough, was the song she was performing: “Home” by Marc Broussard. But with only 32% of the vote, she didn’t have enough to make it to the quarter finals.

• Facing The Wall next was young Lisa Punch performing “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. She had to be a west coast save during The Duels, and she found herself in the same situation tonight. All three experts voted “yes,” but with only 59% of the vote, it wasn’t enough to raise The Wall.

• With her unique voice, Audrey Kate Geiger battled through the first two rounds of the competition, and she was back for more with “The Big Bang.” And talk about cutting it CLOSE! Right at the end, she reached 65% and raised The Wall, knocking Macy Kate out of The Hot Seat and putting Dana Williams in it.

• With just two performances left for the night, newlywed Austin French—CONGRATS AUSTIN!—took the stage next with “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. All three experts were excited to vote “yes” and the fans at home gave him 86% and a spot in the quarter finals! Unfortunately, that meant Dana Williams was forced out of The Hot Seat and Audrey Kate Geiger moved in.

• The final performances of the night was Sonnet Simmons singing in the most high-pressure situation of the series so far. This time, she brought “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey to the stage. Once again her unique voice was on full display, but this time the experts and the fans couldn’t get behind her, giving her a total score of only 30%.

• After the west coast voting, the performer with the highest west coast vote total who did not make the top 7 during the eastern broadcast was Dana Williams who, for the second time, has been saved and will now move on to the quarter finals!

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