Season 1 Episode 9 Week 9: The Semi-Finals

08/18/14 Season 1 TV-PG L, D

With six performers left, everything was on the line for the Rising Star Semi-Finals! Once again, host Josh Groban welcomed us all to the Rising Star stage where the remaining performers would once again face The Wall and each other. As always, experts Brad Paisley, Kesha and Ludacris were on-hand to give their feedback and a crucial voting percentage of their very own. But, just like throughout the competition, who went to the Finals and who went home was down to you, the fans at home, and their votes. So who left the stage with their spotlight still shining? Let’s look at the results!






Eastern Score

West Coast Score

Austin French


 Yes  Yes  81%  78%

Maneepat Molloy*


 Yes  No   27%   34%

Jesse Kinch


 Yes  Yes  83%  83%

Dana Williams


 Yes  Yes  75%  75%

Audrey Kate Geiger

Yes  Yes  Yes  69%  68%

Joshua Peavy*


 Yes  No  72%  67%

*Eliminated Tonight

• Starting off the night, Austin French was hoping to repeat his great performance from  Week 8 where he had the highest score. His performance of One Republic’s “Love Runs Out” had the crowd dancing and the experts cheering, getting him an 81% score.

 • Week 8’s west coast save, Maneepat Molloy, took the stage next with “Chandelier.” She faced some nerves in rehearsals, and it seemed like she may have faced them during her performance as well. With only 27%, she was facing an uphill battle to move on to the Finals.

• Coming off of his first “no,” Jesse Kinch took to the stage to perform the Michael Jackson classic “Billie Jean.” He’d rocked the stage every time so far, so he was changing it up with a new arrangement that was really unexpected. And once again he came out on top with 83% of the vote—and three “yes” votes once again.

• With half of the performances over, The Wall came down and the first to face it was Dana Williams performing “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. Dana said she felt like she was coming in as an underdog, but she certainly had her day with an amazing performance that scored her 75%.

• Hoping to follow up on her big Week 8 performance, Audrey Kate Geiger hoped to come back even stronger with “Killing Me Softly.” She once again brought her unique vocals, but the song may have held her back and she was only able to get 69% of the vote and couldn’t unseat Dana.

• Closing out the Semi-Finals, Joshua Peavy took to the stage with “What Hurts the Most” by Rascal Flatts. It was all down to this: beat Dana’s score or potentially go home. It was so close, but with 72%, it just wasn’t enough.

• With just a one percent margin of victory, Audrey Kate Geiger was saved by the west coast and moved on to the Rising Star Finals!

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