Season 1 Episode 10 Week 10: The Finals

08/25/14 Season 1 TV-PG L, D

This is it: the Rising Star Finals! With four incredibly talented performers left, this was going to definitely be a night of unforgettable performances. Once again, host Josh Groban welcomed us all to the Rising Star stage where the remaining performers would once again face The Wall and each other. As always, experts Brad PaisleyKesha and Ludacris were on-hand to give their feedback and a crucial voting percentage of their very own. But, just like throughout the competition, who would become America's first Rising Star winner was down to you, the fans at home, and your votes. Let’s look at the results!

• Kicking us off in style, Brad took to the stage to perform his hit “Moonshine in the Trunk” with all four finalists! Talk about a rockin’ performance!

• Josh shared some additional news with us before heading into the first performance of the night: the experts would be voting with their phones, so their votes would be completely equal with any other voter at home, meaning the winner really was in America’s hands.

• Finally, tonight’s format would be a little bit different. Based on their combined east and west coast votes throughout the season, the remaining four performers were paired up in two duels. The winners from each duel would then go head-to-head to determine who would be America’s first Rising Star!

• The first performer of the night was Dana Williams performing the Etta James classic “At Last.” Her performance was spot-on, but with only 30% of the vote, she didn’t set a very high bar for her opponent.

• Facing the wall, rocker Jesse Kinch set off like a rocket with his performance of “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The Wall was up with plenty of time to spare and 87% of the vote took him on to the final duel!

• Starting off the second duel of the night, Austin French took to the stage performing Gavin DeGraw’s “In Love with a Girl.” The performance was very strong and set the bar at 70% of the vote, giving his challenger a tough Wall to beat.

• Facing that Wall was Audrey Kate Geiger performing “Love Me Like a Man” by Bonnie Raitt. Once again she brought her unique vocals and a high-energy performance, but with only 49% of the vote, she wasn’t able to raise The Wall, putting Austin through to the final duel against Jesse!

• Heading into the final duel, Josh had one more set of surprises for us. This duel would feature no Wall and no scores. Just the mics and the audience, and we’d have no idea how the votes went until both Jesse and Austin had performed. After the coin toss, Austin won the right to choose who performed first and he chose to have Jesse kick things off.

• The time had come, Jesse Kinch’s final performance of the season. He chose “Love Reign O’er Me” by The Who and he had some string accompaniment from violins and cellos. It was one of his hottest performances ever, but would it be enough to win it all?

• Closing out the season, Austin French took it someplace heartfelt with Rascal Flatt’s “Bless The Broken Road.” Ballads hadn’t done too well in the competition so far, but this one was so powerful, could it have been enough?

• The time had come, who would be the first winner of Rising Star and get that recording contract? America voted 76% for Jesse Kinch and 61% for Austin French, meaning Jesse is our Rising Star!


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