Week 3: The Final Round of Auditions

By Steve Dove Jul 08, 2014

It's time for the final round of live auditions during Week 3 of ABC's Rising Star! Even more talented performers tried their best to win over the experts and you at home. Who raised the wall and who was sent home? That's always up to you! If you haven't already, make sure to download the Rising Star App for your iOS, Android or Windows 8 devices so you can become a Home Judge and raise the wall!

Each week I bring you live updates and post the performances minutes after they air, so if you're not already watching, SPOILER WARNING.

• First up for the night was 24-year-old Los Angeles native Dana Williams performing “Stay.” And that’s what the home judges and experts wanted her to do, giving her 87% and raising the wall for her!

• It’s been a tough set of auditions for duos and groups, but the four young men who call themselves Unselfish were hoping to break the trend with their performance of “Some Nights.” Unfortunately, they couldn’t convince Luda, Brad or the home judges.

• The third live audition of the night was Cliff Cody, an Ohio native and nurse singing “I’m Gonna Be Somebody.”  It’s been rough out there for the country boys and unfortunately Cliff didn’t make it past the wall with 49% of the vote.

• 24-year-old New Jersey native Audrey Kate Geiger was up next singing “Stay with Me.” Her performance won over all three experts and the home judges with her unique voice and earned her 84% of the vote.

• Duo OhMG took the stage next, hoping to be the first duo or group to move through to the next round with their performance of “Lights.”  But once again, a duo couldn’t get it done, and with only 33%, weren’t able to raise the wall.

• Hailing from Cleveland, OH, 20-year-old Gabrielle Nicole looked to win over everyone singing “My Man.” And she did just that, delivering one of the most powerful performances of the show, earning 90% of the vote and bringing all three experts to their feet!

• We took a quick break from the auditions for expert Brad Paisley to rock the house with his new single, “River Bank.”

• Auditioning next was Karen Hornsby from Jacksonville, FL singing “To Love You More.”  After an emotional introduction, Karen brought an amazing, heartfelt performance that wowed all three experts and the home judges, raising the wall with 82%.

• Performing next was TX3, hoping to be the first and only non-singles act to move on to the next round with their performance of “Keep Your Head Up.” Unfortunately, their performance didn’t quite win the home judges or the experts over, keeping them behind the wall with 22% of the vote.

• 26-year-old Texas native, Skye Griffin, took the stage next singing “Only Girl in the World.” Unfortunately Skye had some issues with some of her runs and both Brad and Luda voted no. Skye stayed behind the wall with only 28% of the vote.

• The last performer of the night was 17-year-old Morgan Higgins singing “Alone.” While she had some nerves to overcome and Brad wasn’t feeling the performance, both Luda and Kesha voted yes, along with a lot of home judges, sending Morgan onward with 79% of the vote.

• With 19 performers having raised the wall over the last three weeks of live auditions and heading on to the duels, that left one open spot to be filled. In the dramatic final moments of the west coast airing, the performer from the past 3 weeks with the highest combined east and west coast votes who hadn't raised the wall was...Unselfish! They've moved on to compete in the duels!