Marlo Cruz

Played by Rachael Ancheril


New Senior Officer Marlo Cruz found no trouble making her new home at 15 Division. Ex-Swat, with nine years experience on the job, Marlo is no rookie. She’s smart, witty, and private, with an uncomplicated view towards life and relationships.

Marlo’s been at 15 for three months when Nick and Andy return—bringing loads of unwanted drama with them. She and Andy butt heads at first, having different approaches to the job and to life in general. But Marlo isn’t as straightforward as she seems—she’s got a secret and when the last person she’d ever tell finds out, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out with devastating consequences. 

Rachael Ancheril is making her presence known in the Canadian film and TV world. She played a principal character in CTV/Shaftesbury's hit TV series The Listener, as well as Showcase's King and Shaftesbury's Connor Undercover.

Her feature film credits include Anchor Baby and Domino Effect. Additionally, she appeared in the short films Making Sense and Too Low.