E05 Messy Houses

07/04/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: An 11-year-old boy holes up inside his house with a loaded gun. Child & Youth Services representative Claire McNally arrives on the scene. She is Officer Andy McNally's estranged mother. Detailed report follows:

Andy drags Sam out of bed after realizing she forgot her dad's birthday. Unfortunately, Tommy McNally already had dinner plans with a woman named Amy. The birthday boy was right in the middle of thanking his lady friend for a nice night when his loving daughter arrived. Oops!

Chris has been dating a different hottie every night. He's a real player. Who knew?! Chris learns from Gail that she and Nick were once engaged to be married. He doesn't want her to feel sorry for him. Chris says, "There are plenty of options. You were one of them. Now you're not." Harsh.

When he's not scoring with the ladies, Chris must perform duties like answering a domestic disturbance calls involving an 11-year-old boy with a gun. The kid, Connor, retreats into his house. His intoxicated dad is also inside. Connor's worried mom, Dana, holds her new baby out front. A representative from Child & Youth services arrives on the scene. Her name is Claire McNally. She happens to be Andy's estranged mother.


The team moves inside to neutralize the situation. They find a stash of other guns the dad was trying to hide. The kids are returned to Dana under the condition that she remains under the supervision of her sister. Andy later learns that her mom always called once a week. Tommy wouldn't let her talk to their daughter. As far as the case, Andy learns that Dana took off with her kids. They track down Connor, who was left in his mom's car by the lake. There's no sign of his mom or the baby.

Thanks to Claire's help with Connor, the team tracks down an unconscious Dana with an empty pill bottle in her hand. The baby is crying by her side, but is otherwise fine. As for Andy's relationship with her mom, that's still very strained. Claire wants to have dinner with her. Andy can only do coffee. Hey, it's a start. Maybe she'll learn more tidbits like the fact that she was named Andrea after her mom's best friend—whoever that is.

The guns recovered at the house had already been seized by the police and marked for disposal. The person who signed off that this action is Detective Jerry Barber. As it turns out, Jerry didn't actually witness the act. Traci questions the officer who logged the guns for disposal. The woman is lying up a storm. As it turns out, Jerry isn't being completely truthful either. The reason he didn't witness the gun disposal is because he was on a trip at Niagara Falls with a woman who wasn't his wife.


The login officer is called on the carpet for her role in letting the guns get out on the street. This entire mess has Traci wondering about fidelity. She says, "I don't even know if monogamy is natural for humans. I think it's more of an elephant thing." Jerry assures her that she's the only one for him. In other words, she can call him an elephant. Traci admits she's a pretty happy pachyderm, too.

It's Dov's first day back on the job. He asks to team with Oliver. The dynamic duo responds to a call from an elderly man who believes his wife has gone missing—inside their house! It's not as outrageous as it sounds. The place would give pause to even the best clutter buster in the land. It's an epic mess with mountains of keepsakes inside. Dov thinks the MIA lady may have been fed up with the clutter and took off on her own. After all, she was looking for her pink suitcase when she disappeared.

While looking for the missing woman, Oliver lets Dov know that his wife kicked him out. His marital woes have made him think differently about the power of love. Then he finds the pink suitcase. Underneath it is the elderly man's unconscious wife. Oliver immediately calls for an ambulance. Later, he politely declines Dov's offer to crash on their couch. In other news, Andy asks Sam to not simply walk out on her if things go south between them. Sam assures her that she won't get rid of him without a fight. Nice.

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