E01 Surprises

05/23/13 | TV-PG | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers Andy McNally and Nick Collins have been deep undercover for six months as part of a drug squad task force. All contact with both officers has suddenly been lost. Detailed report follows:

Andy and Nick play boyfriend and girlfriend for the undercover assignment they’ve been part of for six months. They kiss a lot and share an apartment. They hang with two guys who are part of a meth pipeline. Nick playfully pushes Andy into a pool just before he goes to work unloading their latest drug score. Armed gunman storm their waterfront property to steal the stash. TWACK! Nick gets nailed upside the head by the leader of the thieves. The head bad guy is actually a good guy. He’s Andy and Nick’s contact, Detective Jacob Blackstone (guest star Motive’s Louis Ferreira). The robbery was his way of spooking the real bad guys.

The plan works. Nick is hustled away by his coworkers, Von and PJ. His cell phone is confiscated as they head out to receive a shipment. Andy snoops around the waterfront house. She’s caught accessing a laptop. Von takes her phone, knocks her out and tosses her in the back of a van. He also finds her gun. Andy kicks open the van door only to nail Nick. She’s brought inside an empty warehouse where she comes face-to-face with the leader of the meth pipeline, Wilson Burr. He believes Andy is their leak. He wants Nick to shoot her to prove he’s not a rat, too. If he doesn’t, they both die.

Things have changed at 15 since Andy and Nick have been away. Sam made detective. Chris received a letter informing him if he’s been accepted to another police force in Timmons, but he’s afraid to open it. Dov has taken a vow of celibacy while Oliver has moved back in with his family. Gail is ticked that Nick left without saying goodbye but is happy to learn that several task forces have been told to wrap up their operations. Finally, Officer Marlo Cruz (Rachael Ancheril) has joined the team.

Dov and Oliver pull over a guy for speeding. The driver, Simon Dent, is arrested after a failed attempt at bribery. The arrogant arrestee is a caterer who wants to get back to work ASAP for an upcoming gig. Detective Blackstone wants Sam to accommodate the guy. That’s because Dent is part of the meth pipeline. The drugs get delivered to his business. He needs to be there to receive an incoming shipment. Blackstone wants everyone to back off while they do their job. That’s not going to work for Sam and Traci once they find out Andy and Nick may be in danger. This becomes evident when Blackstone reveals that the undercover cops have gone missing.


Frank gives the order to storm the warehouse where they believe their missing officers are being held. They come up empty during the raid. At the real warehouse, Nick asks Andy to trust him as he aims a gun at her head. CLICK! Nick fires the gun, but it’s not loaded. He passes the test. But now Von wants to kill Andy for real. That’s not going to happen. Nick and Andy fight off Von and PJ long enough to make a run for it. The bad guys are in hot pursuit as they hide in an empty office. Nick explains that he knew the gun wasn’t loaded because he couldn’t feel the extractor. Be that as it may, Andy’s still ticked.

Sam forces Simon Dent to show him how he helps run the drugs. Dent’s part of the pipeline is just a ruse for how the drugs are really moved. Sam’s phone rings. It’s Andy. She lets him know that they are trapped inside some kind of trucking warehouse. Andy and Nick have to bolt when the bad guys show up. They hide out in a storage area hoping they can last until backup arrives. Andy is tired of undercover life even though Nick points out that it wasn’t all bad. The two of them hold hands just before someone approaches the storage unit door. Andy and Nick are ready to fight for their lives, but don’t have to once they realize its Sam on the other side.

Andy and Sam show a quick burst of emotion at the sight of each other before quickly composing themselves. The entire drug operation has been shut down as Traci finds the hidden smuggling compartments in the transport trucks. Back at the station, Chris learns that he got the transfer he requested with a pay raise and a bump in rank. He doesn’t seem thrilled about this. Gail punches Nick in the face when she sees him. It’s her way of saying she’s happy he’s back. Andy’s glad to be back, too. She’s heads off to the kitchen to see Sam. Too bad she sees that he’s busy locking lips with newbie officer Marlo Cruz. Surprise!

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