E07 Friday the 13th

08/01/13 | TV-PG | CC

POLICE LOG: It’s Friday the 13th. Things are getting a little weird at 15 Division. Detailed report follows:

Two hikers find the skeleton of a body that’s been in the woods for a long time. Gail hangs with the forensic pathologist, Holly, for the examination of the bones. They chat about relationships and Gail learns Holly is a lesbian. As for the case, the victim is Robby Robins. He was the first case Sam ever worked. He bet his training officer, Charlie Fitzgerald, 50 bucks that the missing persons case was actually a homicide. Sam and his retired mentor pull up the old reports. Sam jokes about how Charlie couldn’t spell. “I” before “E” except after “C.” Still, it was Charlie who made a crime Sam committed as teen disappear and turned him on to becoming a cop.

Sam has a chat with the victim’s dad, who is a strict, hardnosed man. He and Charlie also have a talk with Robby’s former best friend, who says Robby’s dad beat him on a regular basis. The autopsy reveals that Robby was hit by a car the night he died. He had a lifetime of broken bones. Sam believes he has his homicide. The kid’s dad is the prime suspect, but the guy says he made a deal with Charlie years ago. He said he wouldn’t go looking for his son in his new home of Dallas if there were no child abuse charges against him. A misspelling on an official Dallas police department letter lets Sam know that Charlie faked the kid’s escape from his dad.

Sam confronts his old mentor about the case. Charlie was drunk the night before. He accidently hit Robby with his car. He thought the kid was dead when he tossed the body in the river. Charlie is devastated when he learns the boy was still alive. Sam knows his mentor will kill himself before going to jail. That’s why he promises to burn the file and walk away. Traci wonders if Sam can live with this decision. As it turns out, he won’t have to. Charlie comes into the station to pay Sam the 50 bucks he owes him. The case was a homicide. Charlie is now prepared to tell Traci the truth about what happened 10 years ago.

Dov presents Chloe with a giant “I’m Sorry” cookie to make nice after his bipolar accusation. The two of them take a statement from a woman who was robbed. Her name is Celery and she’s a witch. Dov is skeptical of the lady, but Oliver takes a shine to the pretty little love potion pusher. The client who robbed Celery gets sick when she is brought into the station. More accurately, she gets sick all over Dov. He’s having some bad luck on Friday the 13th. Oliver, on the other hand, seems to be having good luck flirting with Celery. He makes a coffee date which she unfortunately has to break. Still, there’s a connection between these two.

Nick is giving Gail the cold shoulder. He lets Andy know they broke up but won’t say why. The two of them investigate possible screams coming from a spooky abandoned building. They hear all kinds of strange noises while investing the dark interior. Someone is in a back room. Nick yells for the suspect step out of the hiding space. No response. That’s because both Nick and Andy were frightened by a mannequin. They are, of course, mocked relentlessly by Oliver once they get back to the station.

Marlo is a bit hyper during her therapy session. Her doctor thinks she may be off her meds. Marlo assures her that all is well with Sam because they keep a healthy distance. In other relationship news, Oliver lets Celery know that her love spell for the woman who robbed her actually worked. He gets a peck on the cheek from this bewitching lady. Dov finally convinces Chloe to give him another chance. Andy and Nick seem to be getting closer and closer. That’s something Sam is looking to do with Marlo. He tells her how Charlie turned his life around after growing up with an abusive dad. She, however, still can’t open up to him.

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