E12 Under Fire

09/05/13 | TV-PG | CC

POLICE LOG: Shots are fired at local park. Officer down! Officer down! Detailed report follows:

Chloe unseats Dov as the master of all trivia during a night out at the Penny. Gail believes the King of the Dorks has finally found his queen. She’s also caught off guard when she catches sight of Holly on a date. Andy and Nick are MIA from the bar scene because they spent the night in bed doing what new couples do. Come morning, Andy vows to focus on doing things by the book from now on. This new attitude stems from her guilt over doctoring another officer’s log book. Speaking of Marlo, she’s taking some time off at her sister’s place.

Chloe deduces that her partner for the day, Andy, is sleeping with Nick. This is moments before they answer a 911 call about a sleeper in the park. Turns out it’s just a bunch of clothes made up to look like a homeless person. BANG! A gunshot rings out. Andy turns to see that Chloe has been shot in the neck. It’s bad. Chloe is bleeding profusely. BANG! BANG! BANG! The shooter continues to fire from a rooftop. By the time backup arrives, the gunman is gone and Chloe is unconscious. Back at the station, Frank lets Dov know what’s just happened. They have no idea the extent of Chloe’s injuries.

At the crime scene, Sam determines this was all a set up to shoot a cop. Andy was shot, too. She had no idea it happened, as the bullet only ripped through some fabric. Shell casings suggest the gunman used a hunting rifle. BANG! BANG! BANG! More gunshots ring out as Oliver and Gail answer a 911 call in another part of the city. Fortunately, there are no injuries this time around. The shooter escapes again. Luke Callahan believes someone out there is targeting the officers of 15 Division.

At the hospital, Dov meets up with a worried Wes Cole. He’s a cop from Chloe’s old division. He’s also her husband. Needless to say, Dov is stunned. Back at the precinct, Gail is surprised to find a worried Holly trying to explain her date from the other night. The only way to shut her up is to kiss her. Gail fears that Oliver has put two-and-two together, but he’s too busy thinking about his new love for Celery. In other relationship news, Traci isn’t ready for Leo to meet Steve Peck. She wants to make sure their relationship is going somewhere. It is. That’s why they’ll all have dinner together after they bring in the mystery shooter.

Oliver and Gail respond to a 911 call with no voice contact. It could be a trap. Oliver believes they need to check things out regardless. He enters the apartment to find an elderly gentleman passed out on the floor. The man’s frightened deaf granddaughter made the 911 call. Gail assures the young girl that help is on the way. Back at the hospital, Dov doesn’t reveal that he’s been dating Chloe as Wes Cole details the history of his relationship with her. The guy feels that maybe this is his second chance.

A panicked Celery identifies a strange man who has been hanging outside Oliver’s place. It’s Kevin Ford, the man who was suspected of abducting Chris’s son a few weeks back. If this guy has a grudge against 15, he may be going after Marlo next. Andy and Sam race to her sister’s place while Nick checks out her home. Someone has ransacked the place. Sam gives the go ahead to call it in. This means others will soon see all the ways Marlo has been targeting Kevin Ford. It’s something Sam will worry about once everyone is safe. As for Marlo, she’s found unharmed at her sister’s place.

Nick waits patiently at Marlo’s place for backup to arrive. Oliver radios him to say he’s on his way. When he pulls up in front of the house he’s met by an angry Kevin Ford who holds a loaded shotgun in hand. THWACK! Ford nails Oliver in the head with the barrel of his gun knocking him unconscious. Nick is still inside the house. He has no idea that one of his colleagues is in grave danger just a few feet away.

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