E11 To Serve or Protect

09/01/10 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: A recently-paroled rape and murder suspect is dead. The arresting officer in the original case, retired homicide detective Tommy McNally, had a confrontation with the victim the night of the shooting and his gun has recently been discharged. A vigilante superhero has been spotted fighting crime on the streets. He is known only as The Guardian. Detailed report follows:

Sam’s pretty doctor pal, Monica, treats a young girl who was assaulted by a man who gave her a ride. The girl managed to escape when headlights from another car startled her attacker. Sam and Andy check out the scene to find the assailant’s vehicle, but the suspect isn’t inside. That’s because he’s on the ground a few feet away with six gunshot holes in his chest. Somebody really wanted this guy dead.

The victim was a recently-paroled rape/murder suspect in one of Tommy McNally’s old cases. Andy’s dad knew this guy was back on the streets and had a drunken confrontation with him. Tommy must have blacked out because he doesn’t remember what happened next. Sam determines that Tommy’s gun has been fired recently and all six bullets are missing from the cylinder.

Andy hopes that her father’s gun was empty because he fired off some rounds at the beach. He sometimes does that to blow off steam. Sam agrees to check things out. Back at the station, the victim’s wife tells Luke Callaghan that a cop came to see her a few weeks ago. He wanted her to know that her husband was a monster. She doesn’t remember the name of the guy who came to see her. But we’re pretty sure it was Tommy McNally.

After striking out at the beach, Andy wants to have her dad’s gun tested to prove he didn’t kill anyone. Sam believes that’ll only introduce Tommy as a murder suspect. He’ll never be able to shake that kind of branding. Neither will his daughter. Sam wants to exhaust all other options and keep her dad away from Luke. That’ll be tough to do, as Tommy walks into Callaghan’s office to offer his assistance.

It’s obvious to Luke that Tommy could possibly be the trigger man here. He wants Andy to get her dad sobered up and find him a lawyer ASAP. Luke is trying to do what’s best, but is upset to learn that Andy and Sam were keeping him in the dark about Tommy’s involvement.

There’s a break in the case when Sam realizes another possible suspect is sitting right next to him. The victim’s wife didn’t want to believe the man she married was the monster Tommy described. But once she realized the accusations were true, she knew her husband had to be stopped. So, she stopped him.

Gail is ridiculously nervous about giving a speech for her mom at an awards banquet. Traci says Leo was once worried he disappointed her after he threw up during a school concert. She assured him that no matter what happens, nothing can change how much a mother loves her child. Aww. Such a sweet story. But it’s not enough to stop Gail from faking an illness and bailing on her speech.

Two of 15’s finest encounter The Guardian. Who is The Guardian, you ask? Well, he’s a new kind of superhero bringing his own brand of justice to the streets. Actually, he’s just a guy in a costume who swipes a drug dealer’s address from Chris and Dov’s police cruiser computer before disappearing into the night.

When The Guardian tries to break into the drug dealer’s pad, Dov and Chris apprehend the elusive vigilante. His true identity is Terrance Porter, a decent kid who made some mistakes when he fell in with the wrong crowd. He’s been trying to make up for his past by taking down the bad guys the coppers can’t catch. His only weapon is a camera filled with photos that gives the police the evidence they need to take down that nasty drug dealer. The Guardian saves the day! Of course, he got a little assist from a couple of crime-fighting rookies.

Andy is grateful to Sam for his help, but mad at her dad for making her clean up his mess again. She can’t do it anymore. Tommy doesn’t want to lose Andy. He’ll do whatever it takes to make things right between them. Luke Callaghan is there to hold Andy in his arms as she watches her dad take that difficult first step into an alcohol treatment program. It won’t be easy. But it’s a start.

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